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eBook: How to Finally Quit Smoking

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Barry was a smoker for 25+ years and even though he tried to quit he failed. That is, until he discovered Smokeless eCigs.  This inspirational eBook is Barry's Story and helpful hints on how he used Smokeless eCigs to cut down and finally quit smoking! 


Excerpt from eBook ...


I am going to tell you how I finally did quit smoking.

I was definitely moving in the direction of trying to get away from smoking and about this time I ran into I ran into this exact website and got the Quit Smoking Package.

I found out that you could use the e-cigarette product and you could gradually reduce the intake of nicotine that you took because they actually have measured cartridges.

You can use their cartridges and start off at a certain higher level of nicotine, like a stronger cigarette, and work your way down gradually to zero, where that there's no nicotine in what you're taking into your lungs at all so that you can gradually quit smoking.

I did this over many, many months at my own pace. I reduced the number of cartridges and gradually reduced the amount of nicotine that was taking into my body so that was great! I was actually weaning myself off this drug and it was perfect. I could reduce the addictive drug all the way to nothing and then I just stopped altogether. Just one day I ran low and basically set myself a time.

I thought to myself, “Hey, why not when this is gone - these cartridges - I'm done and it's over?” So I set that target and when it was done it was done. I was not going to invest in any further nicotine to put it into my body at all, so it was great.

I actually haven't smoked at all since then! It's been about seven or eight years. I didn't actually keep track of the exact date.  I'm sure I could go look it up but it's been seven or eight years I have not smoked a single cigarette.


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