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Vaping and eCigs in the Bulls Eye

Vaping and eCigs in the Bulls Eye

 Ecigs and vaping are big news.  One might think that to attract so much attention, it must be doing a great deal of harm!  The information presented must be ‘fact’ and the abuse must be overwhelming and broadly felt. 
There is a story here and its ill effects should not be diminished. Dangerous black market products laced with cannabis and other toxic elements have entered the vaping marketplace, resulting in sickness and even death in some cases, but this should not be made into the whole story, besmirching the entire vaping industry.  
The days are long gone when we can consume information like this and pretend it does not have a “pitch” from vying interests.  In our technological age ‘information” is the commodity being sold to you and the many players who have a stake in the game want to influence your opinion or buying habits!
In the case of vaping you have at least four major groups supplying information and stories supporting their own special interest.
•   . Big Tobacco wants to capture the money diverted away from their traditional tobacco products into new vaping alternative.  
•.    Anti-Tobacco groups want to identify a new public enemy to keep their “purpose” alive with their constituents.
•.    Governments need issues to support where they appear to be doing a huge public service to counter their low popularity numbers.
•.    Big Pharma has a stake in the game as vaping takes revenue away from existing products that target people who want to stop smoking (gum and drugs).  
It's important, as consumers, we do not lose sight of the fact that to the smoking public, vaping offers a real alternative.  This is easily lost when big money players control the news cycles that we consume every day.  

Who Can We Help

Read the information on line by smokers who discovered vaping or the many testimonials posted on our website.  The help received literally jumps off the page. 
Smokers make up a large part of vaping users and their “special interest” is personal.  They are looking for ways to reduce the harmful byproducts of burning tobacco and are choosing a path toward less consumption, with a product that does not infringe on the public around them.
At SmokelessEcigs we want to help smokers, so we offer nicotine cartridges with a diminishing  amount of nicotine - from 36 mg. to zero mg.  This allows a person to gradually and painlessly wean themselves off nicotine if they wish.
Our eCigs mirror the traditional smoker experience with classic tobacco or menthol flavors and the right size and shape to preserve the feel that is part of the smoking experience.  The “right” feel and taste support a successful and gradient approach to a safer life style.
If your choice is between cigarettes or just quitting then choose quitting! If it's between Cigarettes and eCigarettes your choice should be eCigarettes!
With eCigs and vaping so much in the news, one wonders what other health issues are being purposely ignored.  


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