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I have been a customer since 2011. I enjoyed smoking but needed to quit for fear of health issues. Smokeless eCigs was the perfect fit. I quit smoking cigarettes immediately. My lungs cleared, I feel great. It has truly been a blessing. L.D.

I shopped around and found this to be the best deal for eCigs around. For real! I have to quit cigarettes because my V.A. surgeon told me I had to now. This is really great.    T.S.

I LOVE MINE!   Kathy

My name is Paula. I smoked for 46 years. I started with this eCig. My health is better. I was using an inhaler but now I don't.  My breathing has improved so much my oxygen level was at 92 and now is is 98.  I feel so much better.  I've even lost 40 lbs. 

I have smoked for 54 years. Tried the patch, smoked with the patch. Nothing worked until I tried the eCigs. I have switched. I am so happy and so is my Doctor. I smoked a pack and a half a day.  Thank you, Faith

I have smoked these electronic cigarettes for 3 weeks and had a doctor's appointment and when they checked my breathing I had improved by 4 numbers! I am impressed.  Nancy

Being a smoker for 50 years - can't believe the success I and my husband have had on these electronic cigarettes - we are now starting our last box of filters. So happy with the results - we've tried tried everything else.  I am almost smokefree since March 1st.  John & MaryEllen

I was a 2.5 pack a day smoker for 30 years. I tried the eCig and stopped smoking that day. I feel better, breath better. It's great.  Dawn W.

I smoked for 33 years and since I bought these eCigs I used it for 4 months and now I don't smoke at all.  Thanks, Dave

I LOVE IT!  Went from 1.5 packs per day to almost zero in a month.   D.F.

I've smoked 60 years and since buying this eCig I have cut my smoking down to 3 or 4 a day and I really do enjoy the eCig over the real because I can grab a toke anywhere I am.  June

Since using these I stopped regular cigarettes almost immediately. I think they are great! My doctor thinks so also.  Michael M.

I smoked for 45 years. Went from spending $120 a month (2 cartons of Virginia Slims) to less than $10 a week for electronics!  Terri

After smoking for over 27 years I never touched another cigarette after buying eCigs. It has been over 8 months and I guarantee I will never smoke again.  Kristie W.

My husband doesn't snore as bad. His breathing is so much better and his coughing is almost gone.  Joyce P.

I smoked for over 50 years. The first 4 days after using the eCig I felt 80% better. I play golf and before, after I played 9 holes my back would hurt. After 4 days my back quit hurting. Matthew

Yes! we love it!  Pack and a half a day for 20 years! Helped tremendously. Only smoking 3 cigs a day after only 1 week. Fun to use - and really takes away the urge. Jennifer

Smoking for 50 years - 1 pack per day - cut down to 3 cigarettes per day after 1 week - Just sick and tired of the smell and ashes of the cigarette all over. Paul  


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