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How Barry Quit Cigarettes

Hi, my name is Barry and I'm going to talk to you about how I used products to quit smoking!

This is my story and my Quit Smoking Timeline I used to be free of tobacco for nearly a decade, as I was fortunate enough to meet the founder of when she first started the business!

My “Smoking” Background

I smoked from the age of about 15 until my early 40s. It was long time habit and I had smoked over a pack a day for over 25 years - that’s a long time to smoke. Sometimes it was less than a pack and sometimes it was more than a pack a day.

I knew there are a lot of reasons why I shouldn't smoke: I would get colds and related issues which would stay around longer than they should. I had a persistent morning cough. I would also get a horrible cough that would last for a long time.

I really felt like smoking was a big part of these problems. A couple times I actually stopped smoking and as a result, the cough went away, a lot quicker than it usually would.

If you are a smoker I am sure you know what I mean. The cough would go on and on so obviously was doing something destructive to my lungs.

Since I quit smoking I barely get colds and I've gone some years without getting a persistent cough.

 There were other issues with smoking:

  • Colds a couple times year
  • My teeth got very yellow I'd have to go to the dentist on a regular basis and get the teeth cleaned and obviously this was an added expense
  • I smelled like smoke, and as I work with people on a one-to-one basis, this was off-putting to non-smokers who could smell the smoke.  
  • I delivered life coaching during that time and it was an issue for some people I worked with. If they were a non-smoker, they did not necessarily want to meet this guy who's going tell them about how they can improve some area of their life when he smells like smoke. It's actually bad public relations amongst a lot of people. I'm not a prude but there are a lot of people out there in the world who, even though they're not prudes either, just don't like the smell of stale tobacco in the clothes, hair and breath of smokers.
  • It is an expensive habit to maintain and not a great investment in health or happiness.
  • I would end up with my car being kind of yellowed in the interior.
  • The places where I worked and smoked, as in my home, there would be different items that would yellow or even get burned.


My Attempts to Quit or Reduce Smoking

At one point, I switched to rolling cigarettes to make it harder or less convenient to smoke than packaged cigarettes, which meant I had tobacco everywhere.

Like I said, there is lots of good reasons to quit and there is a lot of downsides to the lifestyle of smoking. Plus the possibility of dying a lot younger than one should die.

So I did a lot of things over the years to try and quit.  I actually did quit a couple of times, once for around 30 days.  But always ended back up smoking again, so it just didn't work out, I didn't manage to quit completely.  So over the years I tried to figure out ways to actually lessen the damage of smoking even though I couldn't quit completely.

At one point I switched to organic cigarettes because according to the American Lung Association, there are 600 ingredients in a cigarette.  When burned, it creates 7000 chemicals.  Almost 79 are known to cause cancer, many are toxic. 

That's SCARY!!!  It's a lot of chemicals!  A lot of junk to put into your body. I managed to switch to organic, which I felt better about because I was heading in the direction of not smoking, but I was still smoking! I still knew that I was putting tar into my lungs. I was putting this nicotine in my lungs which was increasing my heart rate because it is a stimulant.

I knew there were problems with it. I did manage to then cut some of the expense of organic cigarettes by rolling my own cigarettes but that was kind of messy and got tobacco all over the place, so it wasn't a pleasant thing. Rolling my own cigarettes involved a whole other exercise, so I had to actually be proficient at rolling cigarettes.

And I still had the coughs. I still have longer colds. I still had the yellow teeth. I still smelled like smoke and I still had this dirty habit. I also had the threat, because of tar and nicotine, of my health. Maybe not living as long as I could live because of this habit called smoking, so I knew this was an addiction.

I knew that nicotine is a drug. I knew that it was a habit because I’d formed a habit over the years. Over many, many years of smoking I formed this habit where I'm used to doing certain things, rituals, on a daily basis.

My wife and I are both drug educators. Over the years I had managed to eradicate my other bad habits. I had maybe an occasional drink, I did not take painkillers or aspirins. I rarely, if ever took any type of medication (drugs) unless I was in an extreme situation. So I was pretty drug-free except for this thing called nicotine and cigarettes. It was the one thing that I couldn't really escape from

 My Quit-Smoking Timeline:

How I used products

I am going to tell you how I finally did quit smoking.

I was definitely moving in the direction of trying to get away from smoking and about this time I ran into I ran into this exact website and got the Quit Smoking Package.

I found out that you could use the e-cigarette product and you could gradually reduce the intake of nicotine that you took because they actually have measured cartridges.

You can use their cartridges and start off at a certain higher level of nicotine, like a stronger cigarette, and work your way down gradually to zero, where that there's no nicotine in what you're taking into your lungs at all so that you can gradually quit smoking.

I did this over many, many months at my own pace. I reduced the number of cartridges and gradually reduced the amount of nicotine that was taking into my body so that was great! I was actually weaning myself off this drug and it was perfect. I could reduce the addictive drug all the way to nothing and then I just stopped altogether. Just one day I ran low and basically set myself a time.

I thought to myself, “Hey, why not when this is gone - these cartridges - I'm done and it's over?” So I set that target and when it was done it was done. I was not going to invest in any further nicotine to put it into my body at all, so it was great.

I actually haven't smoked at all since then! It's been about seven or eight years. I didn't actually keep track of the exact date.  I'm sure I could go look it up but it's been seven or eight years I have not smoked a single cigarette.

 Additional Helpful Steps I Took

I had couple of additional things that I did that helped that helped me get there, but can't overemphasize how nice it was to be able to gradually wean myself off these drugs, this drug nicotine, and get to the point where I no longer used it!

 A couple other things I'll tell you that you could do that will help you out is I actually kept the depletedne-cigarette around kept it with me because, like I said, it was a habit so I had this e-cigarette and I was carrying it around.

I had in my pocket like a security blanket. I kept it around and sometimes I popped it in my mouth and held it there like a cigarette. As an e-cigarette it is the size and shape of a real cigarette, this helped me cope with the mental loss of the habit.

I didn't use it because I didn't have any more cartridges. The battery wasn't charged or anything. I'd been done but I had it around for a while.

At some point I actually kept some straws around - some bar swizzle sticks - which I thought was pretty helpful. It worked out fine for me. I had a little box of them and I would grab one and stick it in my mouth and walk around with it in office or wherever, so it helped me again. It gave me a substitute for the cigarette itself which was helping me get rid of the mental habit.

The straws phase lasted for maybe 30 days and then I was done with that and then I no longer needed anything. No straws. No carrying around the empty cartridge or e-cigarette. No nothing.

I was completely done and it is pretty fantastic. One of the things that I know from doing drug education is there’s definitely an effect on the body where nutrients and vitamins and all these things are actually burned up as a result of using drugs.

Drugs actually burn up a lot of  vitamins in the body. You have to replenish these so I took a special vitamin formula that would help, but this formula is actually used for drug addicts to help them get off of hard drugs.

Anybody could just take a bunch of vitamins, standard multivitamins that we'd all take. Just a little bit heavier dosages and more frequently to counteract cravings. I took those drug withdrawal vitamins which helped also with the addiction aspect of coming off of nicotine and finally being off of it all together so that was fantastic help.

One of the things that also helped me, that I'll just pass along to you, is I would often go outside and get some space. Over the years smoking became something when I would go outside to smoke and that was kind of nice.

I would take a smoke break and go outside so after I quit I kept going outside. I actually became quite the advocate of taking a walk. Looking around. Chilling out. It's a great relaxing method. 

It is also nice exercise. I highly recommend to replace your smoke break habit with some daily walks. It's good for your body and gets you exercise! Look around, check out the environment.  It's great stuff! 

Life After Smoking

I finally gave up cigarettes altogether, so I don't have the coughs. I don't have a cough going on that lasted forever whenever I would smoke. I don't have the extra colds. I've had a couple years where I haven't had a cold and when I last had them they lasted only a few days instead of weeks.

I went and cleaned up my teeth completely. I don't have to go to the dentist for cleanings as much. I can just go a regular schedule and I don’t extra steps to deal with yellowing teeth.

I don't smell like smoke and I'm not offensive to people who don't like smoking. I don't have all the mess and the dirt and the tobacco laying around because of smoking.

I can even be around smokers and enjoy their company. The smell doesn't really bother me you. In fact, it might bring back one or two memories that that aren't too bad. But it doesn't lead to temptation.

I can be around the smokers, be with them and I'm not making them guilty of having to smoke. If it crosses my mind in a flash to smoke, it's quickly gone because I've done all these other steps and now I have the habit of not smoking and I have the improved health that I appreciate.

I have a lack of expense.

I really appreciate what this website finally helped me to achieve, which is TO QUIT SMOKING!!!!  

I'm proud of the fact that I've quit and you know I want to thank Tobie and Mercedes for a system that put me back on control.

                                                            ~ ~ ~


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