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We are temporarily out of ALL Regular and Menthol 36, 24 and 18 cartridges. Email or call 727 446-4455 for more info.

Choose Your Strength

All Nicotine is NOT the Same

Tobacco companies discovered long ago that adding ammonia to cigarette tobacco created a form of nicotine that was more addictive to the smoker.

According to studies, ammonia supercharges the nicotine as it hits the brain, by changing the chemistry of the nicotine the smoker absorbs. 

That's the reason it is difficult to compare the nicotine content of a cigarette to an equivalent amount of nicotine in an eCigarette or a nicotine patch. The nicotine in e-cigarettes and nicotine replacement therapy products isn’t as addictive as cigarettes.

  • 36mg nicotine -  Full Flavor, High to Regular - similar to a Marlboro Red, Menthol is similar to Newport/Salem 
  • 24mg nicotine - Full flavor, similar to 305s
  • 18mg nicotine - Light
  • 11 mg nicotine - Ultra light
  • 6 mg nicotine - Low, similar to a Carleton or Tareyton
  • 0 mg nicotine - No nicotine



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