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Are eCigarettes Better for Those Around You?

We’ve all heard that children, as well as adults, can be harmed by the second hand smoke that follows smokers around like a cloud.  

I consider that one of the worst things about smoking burning tobacco.  It can harm those around you, not just yourself.  A great benefit of eCigarettes is that the harm to other people is significantly reduced.  

Not only is the vapor from Smokeless eCigs better for the people around you, but it’s also relatively odorless or has a pleasant odor.  And that’s a good thing too, because no one really wants to smell like an ashtray!

Ecigs are also more environmentally friendly.  There is significantly less waste from eCigarettes.  You probably see cigarette butts around all the time.  

Even though one or two are an unpleasant sight, estimates are that cigarette filters add 1.69 BILLION pounds of toxic plastic fibers (cellulose acetate) to the world's waste piles each year!

So if you already switched over to eCigarettes, congratulate yourself for being such a good citizen!  If you haven’t, then what are you waiting for!


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