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We are temporarily out of ALL Regular and Menthol 36, 24 and 18 cartridges. Email or call 727 446-4455 for more info.

What You Should Know


Join the thousands who love their handy little tobacco (or menthol) flavored eCig. No drippy juice to mess with, just screw a cartridge (below) onto the battery (white part), and take a puff whenever you like.  These eCigs are best enjoyed by taking a slow, easy draw.  

One cartridge is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes, and costs only around $2 each. When the flavor is wearing off, just throw the cartridge away and screw a new one into the battery.  Now how simple is that??  



Cartridges contain a heating element to create the vapor, plus a formula that makes the vapor and delivers the flavor.  This formula consists of water, vegetable glycerin, food-grade propylene glycol, nicotine, and cigarette flavor. The Food and Drug Administration says propylene glycol is safe for human consumption.


There are many reasons one may want to start smoking eCigs. They can smoke them in more places.  No second hand smoke to offend friends and family. 

Some just want to cut back. Some want less chemicals going into their body.  Some want to smoke in their car in the summer with the A/C on. Some are told by their Doctor:  "QUIT, or else  . . " 

The most common reason is they are trying to cut down or even quit smoking cigarettes, and these little eCigs provide the perfect transition



The eCigs emit what appears to be smoke, but it's really a vapor mist that evaporates into the air within seconds, similar to a humidifier. The eCig leaves no residue in the air, where regular cigarettes can leave an unsightly, acrid cloud which can irritate eyes and bother people’s senses.

One of the biggest benefits of these is the reduced costs. Compare what you are paying now for a pack of cigarettes compared to to equivalent of $2.00 per pack smoking eCigs! 

The cartridges are the "filter" part of the eCig.  They come in both regular and menthol tobacco flavors, in graduated strengths of 36mg nicotine down to


This has enabled countless people to start at a nicotine level they are used to, then gradually reduce the nicotine level down to 0.  

So you can still have the familiar habits of holding and smoking a cigarette, with none of the tar or thousands of other chemicals in a


And gradually wean yourself to smaller and smaller doses of nicotine.  

Comparable nicotine levels (all available in regular or menthol):  

  • 36 mg extra high nicotine - comparable to Camel Filters, Marlboro 100s
  • 36 mg extra high menthol - comparable to Newport/Salem, Kool
  • 24 mg high, full flavor - Kool mild, Marlboro light
  • 18 mg medium - Pall Mall, Camel, Marlboro light,
  • 11 mg light - Camel, Marlboro & Newport ultra light
  • 6 mg ultra light - comparable to Carlton, Doral ultra light
  • 0 mg  no nicotine 
    You can get one pack of 5 cartridges, "buy 2 packs, get one free," or a box of 10 packs (total 50 cartridges).    


    The battery (white part) can be charged up to 2 hrs. daily (NOT overnight) with the USB charger (available on the Products page). Plug into a wall socket or car adapter, don't plug the USB into a computer or other device. 

    We strongly advise against using a computer for charging. These ports are designed for data transfer, and if anything malfunctions while transferring power, you're not only risking damage to your eCig battery but to your computer as well. 

    Only charge till the light goes out, anything more can damage the battery.  2 hrs max, so keep an eye on it.  Don't plug in and leave overnight, it will lessen the life of your battery.  The charge will last up to 6 hours of use; the life of the battery can be up to several months. 

    You may have to charge the battery for 2 hours before using it the first time, or till the light goes out.  Often, the battery comes fully charged from the manufacturer.  

    Also, never leave a charging battery unattended - keep an eye on anything you're charging, and if it gets hot (slightly warm may be okay, we don't recommend taking risks), unplug immediately. 

    When you see a buildup on the battery contact, clean the contact area with a dry Qtip (don't use any liquids to clean it). 

    We do have a warranty on our batteries, so when they are no longer holding their charge, simply return them to us and we will replace it for free, with a small shipping/handling fee of $1.95 per battery.  


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