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Reducing the Harm of Smoking

You can re-create the smoking experience without the harm

Did you know that most of the harm from smoking comes from the toxins that are created by burning tobacco? There are numerous studies that point to this fact.

When most people think of nicotine, they inevitably connect it to smoking. It’s been talked about so much that by now it’s common knowledge that it is the nicotine dependence that gets people addicted to smoking. 

What isn’t well known is that most of the harmful effects of smoking are NOT caused by Nicotine. The harmful effects of smoking are caused by the toxic chemicals which are contained and inhaled in the smoke of the burning tobacco, along with the other chemicals used in the production of cigarettes. There are over 7000 chemicals found in the smoke of burning tobacco.

Most smokers will tell you it’s the nicotine, sensation and routine (habits) that keeps them wanting to smoke. The current nicotine replacement therapies, like the patch only, address the replacement of the delivery of the nicotine but do NOT address the sensation and routines of smoking.

Enter the electronic cigarette. The e cigarette is a far safer way to get the nicotine and still keep the sensations and the routines that have become second nature to the smoker. But it is far less harmful  than the out-dated, burning tobacco method.  

If you are a smoker you really need to try our Smokeless e Cigs. They look, feel and taste like the cigarette you are currently smoking.

If you are going to continue to smoke these are a far safer method to do so. But because you can control the strength of the nicotine you are inhaling many people use them to taper down on the strength which makes it much easier to stop smoking entirely


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