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“It’s 5 o’clock on a Saturday…”

It’s 5 o’clock on a Saturday and Joe is outside his favorite pizza joint in Brooklyn. As he steps closer to the door, he stamps out his cigarette on the sidewalk and kicks it to the curb.

It’s still only 2 pm in LA where Buffy takes one last drag of her cigarette and flicks the butt into the street before she continues her shopping.

In London, Alastair is just lighting up a cigarette after having dinner with some friends and before he gets in his car. He takes a few drags, looks at his watch and realizes he was supposed to pick up his teenage daughter at 10 pm. He quickly crushes out the cigarette on the pavement hops in his car and drives away.

Vladimir, arm in arm with Ivan, his drinking buddy, is just leaving a Moscow bar at 2 AM. They have spent a good part of the night drinking and carousing. He’s done with his cigarette, drops it to the ground tries to stamp it out but misses… and continues to walk away.

So….What is the point of all this that happened at the same time that Billy Joel started singing about a Piano Man??

By most estimates, cigarettes, all around the world, are responsible each year for about 1.69 BILLION pounds of litter!

That’s why I invite you to do your part in creating a better world by switching from cigarettes to our SmokelessEcigs by White Dragon! There is no litter. Take one puff or 10 and just put it back in your pocket or purse!

What could be easier! 


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