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3 Surprising Reasons to Switch to eCigs

3 Surprising Reasons to Switch to eCigs

 1.  Smoking eCigs is better for you

Did you know that the British Heart Foundation actually encourages cigarette smokers to switch to eCigarettes or vaping?  There are far fewer harmful toxins in the vapor than in the burning tobacco smoke.

For example, there is no tar, one of the most cancer-causing by-products of burning tobacco and additives in cigarette smoke.

The American Center for Disease Control now agrees "E-cigarettes have the potential to benefit adult smokers who are not pregnant if used as a complete substitute for regular cigarettes and other smoked tobacco products." CDC

 2.  Ecigs don’t smell up your clothes or house

Funny story – Years ago, my wife and I drove about 20 minutes to a health food store. Both of us smoked in the car on the way and since it was in the middle of winter, we kept the windows closed, down jackets soaking up all that 2nd hand smoke.

We grabbed our vitamins and went to check out. As he rang up our purchase of Vitamin C he made a comment about Vitamin C being for smokers. I wondered “How did he know we were smokers?” 

A few years later, after I quit smoking, I could walk into a room and tell if someone had been smoking in it. I flashed back to the clerk – “OMG” I thought “No wonder he knew we smoked – we must have smelled like two giant ashtrays walking around the store!  

Anyway, the point being is that the vapor you exhale from eCigs is practically odorless. Your clothes and your house wont smell from stale smoke  

3.  Waaay Cheaper than cigarettes

When you compare the cost of smoking Smokeless eCigs with the tobacco cigarettes you’ll be amazed. Most people save over 60% by making the switch.

Not sure why you would not at least try them out and see if you liked them. Over a year’s time that’s one helluva savings!


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